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EFA Splitting saw 劈半开胸设备

Update time:2023-03-09

Brief description:

EFA Splitting saw EFA SB 326 E
Professional high Performance Splitting saw for cattle with new control.


EFA Splitting saw  EFA SB 326 E

Professional high Performance Splitting saw for cattle with new control.

  • Warm + cold water feed cleaning System.
  • Very low-noise and low Vibration.
  • Safe handling due to two-hand-control and safety Switches for housing cover.
  • mproved compartment for cutting,flat and Slim designed web; easy accesible, midway placed torque wrench.
  • Improved spring blade balancer for enhanced endruance of saw blades.

Technical Data:

Motor output:

3,4 HP


3 PH

Length of cut:

20 inch


85 kg

Protection Class:

IP 65


Scope of Supply

EFA SB 326 E 42 V / 50Hz

(110 891 001)


EFA SB 326 E 230 V / 400 V / 50 Hz

(110 891 011)





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