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     Kessler (Beijing) Machinery Co., Ltd is a modern food machinery company integrating import, research and producing, focusing on innovative solutions, projects and automation in the fields of slaughtering, segmentation, deep-processing of cooked food, vegetable cutting etc. Meanwhile, we can provide relevant meat processing technology training, relevant senior technology and Pre-construction guidance for enterprises for customers, and we can also recommend all-round talents for business management for customers. Choosing Kessler means choosing nothing to worry and choosing rest assured! Our mission is to make your food processing business easier!

Since launching business in China in 2006, while introducing large-scale imported meat processing equipment from abroad, our company itself has continued to develop and innovate. With the latest technology research, strict quality management system, we independently develop and produce desktop bone sawing machine, beef and mutton slicer, pork semi-automatic skinner, opener, meat filling machine, punching machine, slicer  and shredder, poultry dicing machine, vegetable cutting machine and other equipments and have won the praise of customers.


Our products are two series of industrial machinery and commercial machinery, covering many food processing fields such as slaughtering and processing enterprises, meat processing enterprises, central food processing centers, butcher shops, restaurants, supermarkets, employee canteens, and aquatic product processing enterprises. Facing the vast Chinese market, we are dedicating our customers the greatest value with impeccable German technology, craftsmanship and quality and excellent service quality, and contributing to improving the technical level and health and safety standards of the Chinese meat and vegetable processing industry.

At present, more than 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises in China have selected our equipment. Spot display and sales, comprehensive maintenance and timely spare parts supply have been highly praised by users, and have made Kessler also become a well-known and trusted brand  in the industry. After nearly ten years of development, Kessler has continuous advantages in the following areas:

1.Traceability system
    2.Water treatment equipment
    3. Slaughtering equipment (mainly imported from Germany)
    4. Meat fine segmentation / conditioning equipment (mainly imported from Germany)
    5. Cooked food deep processing / packaging equipment (mainly in Germany)
    6.Vegetable fine cutting equipment
    7. Laboratory equipment
    8. Wholesale sales of consumables such as splitting knives, knife sticks, stainless steel protective gloves, stainless steel apron, saw blades, etc.
         Kessler represents the following foreign brands in China:
    1.Swine, cattle and sheep slaughtering and dividing equipment for ARGUS in Australia and FREEUND in Germany and EFA in Germany
    2. Dicing machine and chopping machine of German HOLAC company
    3.Automatic Enema Machine of Germany FREY Company
    4.Smoke oven and box washer from KERRES, Germany
    5.Brine injection and tumbler from INJECT STAR
    6. Italy GRASSELLI company peeling and fascia machine and fine segmentation equipment
    7.Box packing machine and heat shrink box from Henkkelman Company of the Netherlands
    8.Italy REEPACK Skin Packaging Machine
    9. Vegetable washing machine and vegetable cutting machine of German ALEXANDER company
    10.Giesser, Germany
   In order to meet the needs of different customers, we have set up equipment showrooms and trial cutting services in Zhuozhou. Welcome to visit and negotiate!





Main products:专注于屠宰、精细分割、熟食深加工、蔬菜切割、包装加工等领域的创新解决方案、项目自动化

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