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FREUND Circular Splitting Saw 猪屠宰分割流水线

Update time:2023-02-25

Brief description:

FREUND Circular Splitting Saw SK52-08L -Circular-Splitting-Saw for pigs in high throughput plants (partially sows)


FREUND Circular Splitting Saw SK52-08L -

Circular-Splitting-Saw for pigs in high throughput plants (partially sows)

  • circular sawblade, gross tooth, splitting, low noise, stainless steel KGZ520SPGA
  • straight cable GK
  • with 2-Hand-Safety-Switch (Anti-Tie Down)
  • water supply with spiral-hose for cooling and rinsing of cutting surface
  • with 2 guide rollers for easy splitting from the back
  • former name: SK52-08

physical characteristics

Weight41,0 kg
Diameter520 mm
Cutting depth205 mm
Bore70 mm
Speed1470 m/min
Revolutions900 /min.

electronic input

Protection65  IP

electronik output

Powe2300 Watt (50Hz)/VA





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