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KESSLER Stainless steel safety gloves 不锈钢手套围裙

Update time:2023-02-21

Brief description:

KESSLER Stainless steel safety gloves Stainless steel safety gloves are designed by German and American experts. Each glove is made of thousands of individually welded steel rings


KESSLER Stainless steel safety gloves 

It can provide reliable safety protection for our hands. It is comfortable to wear, flexible to operate and durable. A right-hand man suitable for a worker. Stainless steel gloves are usually worn on the worker's left hand, as they are usually held in the right hand. Turn the stainless steel glove inside out to fit the right hand. The metal buckles on the nylon belt can be adjusted at will.


There are six sizes, each with a different color to identify. You can refer to the size table to choose the appropriate size.


Germany original imported original factory metal steel wire protective gloves, a glove a total of more than 5000 stainless steel ring stainless steel ring independent welding.


Fine workmanship, wear soft and comfortable, not the feeling of cutting hands.


With anti-cutting, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, strong resistance.


》Left and right hands can be used in reverse


All styles are equipped with adjustable nylon belt, easy to wear.


And very easy to clean, easy to use light.



Applicable to:

1:Butchering and cutting operations in food factories

2:Cutting tool factory cutting tool production, handling, packaging, inspection operations

3:Installation and use of cutting blades in garment factories



1:It is one of the hand protection products that must be used in the cutting workshop in the course of the CSR Factory Inspection

2:Meat Processing, cutting tools manufacturing, slaughtering and processing, clothing cutting, glass processing, wood processing, leather processing, sports security * Protection and other safety supplies. It can effectively prevent the hand from being cut when cutting meat, grasping knife, clothing modification and changing cloth cutting machine steel belt.

3:Prevent trouble before it happens and really save the cost for the enterprise.






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