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Kessler Stainless steel gloves 不锈钢手套围裙

Update time:2023-02-21

Brief description:

Kessler Stainless steel gloves Large, medium, and small Stainless steel protective glove a glove has more than 5000 stainless steel ring stainless steel ring independently welded


Kessler Stainless steel gloves  Large, medium, and small 


  This stainless steel protective glove uses stainless steel wire, fine workmanship, wear soft and comfortable, not cut hand feeling; with anti-cutting, wear, corrosion resistance, strong resistance. In addition, all styles are equipped with steel buckles, easy to wear, stainless steel protective gloves are designed by the design team and experienced production team, the material is strictly required; its anti-cutting grade is 5, stainless steel protective gloves are mainly used for cutting, slaughtering, industrial anti-cutting and other scenes.

  Stainless steel protective gloves work fine, wear soft and comfortable, not the feeling of cutting hand. Left and right hands can be used in reverse. And very easy to clean, easy to use light.  




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