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Continuous high-volume slicing

Update time:2020-04-15

Brief description:

The Sect 28 CT is the high performance product in the holac portion cutter range. With its high output and perfect cutting quality, it guarantees outstanding performance. Thanks to the integrated comp


  • Continuous product feed by infeed belt and down- holder belt
  • Variable belt speed and slice thickness
  • Optional separation of cut slices
  • Smart-slice program (batching)
  • Quick, effective sanitation
  • Stable cut-off blade and blade scraper for a clean cut
  • Two-wing blade for higher capacity


Technical dataSect 28 CT
(Depending on product)
350/700 min -1
Feed1-250 mm
Power supply7,0 kW
L x W x H3.395 x 1.115 x 1.460 mm
Loading dimension W x H264 x 160 mm
Weight950 kg
Discharge conveyor/TouchscreenYes





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