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Multi-purpose chop machine

Update time:2020-04-14

Brief description:

The Sect 230 TC is a highly flexible portion cutting machine. With its servo-controlled product feed and smart control system, it is possible to portion the product into groups with the consistently i


  • Powerful blade drive
  • Integrated discharge conveyor
  • Fully automatic lubrication system
  • Indexed or continuous product forward feed motion
  • Adjustable gripper end position
  • Fully automatic start through photocell control
  • Computer controlled, with program storage and portioning functions, including variable portioning, separation and batching through touch screen
  • Easily accessible gripper guide-shaft for effective sanitation
  • Stable cut-off blade and support frame for an accurate and clean cut
  • Two-wing blade for higher capacity*
  • Movable*


Technical dataSect 230 TCSect 230 LTC
(Depending on product)
200/400 min -1200/400 min -1
Loading dimension W x H x L230 x 180 x 740 mm230 x 180 x 1.100 mm
Power supply5,0 kW5,0 kW
L x W x H2.905 x 970 x 1.300 mm3.305 x 970 x 1.300 mm
Cutting thickness
(with spiral blade)
1-33 mm1-33 mm
Feed motion with special accessories1-250 mm1-250 mm
Discharge conveyor/TouchscreenYesYes





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