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GEASSELLI Skinning 去皮去膘设备

Update time:2023-03-29

Brief description:

GEASSELLI Skinning NAB520 M-High output and easy to use derinder and membrane skinner. It guarantees accuracy and precision with even the most delicate cuts of pork meat and poultry.


GEASSELLI  Skinning NAB520 M-

  High output and easy to use derinder and membrane skinner. It guarantees accuracy and precision with even the most delicate cuts of pork meat and poultry.

   Fully automatic membrane skinner for poultry for in-line solutions. Constant output and efficiency over time, thanks to specially made pressure rollers, easily adjustable and extremely robust construction.


  • Delicate derinder with high throughput.
  • Fully automatic machine ideal for in-line solutions.
  • Exclusive hydraulic system at the beginning of the derinding process, for the perfect derinding of all products.
  • Conveyor belts can be opened for perfect washing and improved hygiene.
  • Cutting-edge design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure greater hygiene without the need for any tools.
  • Motor, wiring and mechanical parts easily accessible from two side panels.
  • The Grasselli NAB 520 DD model is designed specifically for the derinding and removal of fat at a preset thickness, with the maximum efficiency and output control, for pork meats such as pork loin, bacon and shoulder.

Technical specification sheet

  • Useful working width of 520 or 720 mm.
  • Built-in derinding (including defatting) thickness adjustment control Toothroll in special, highly resistant steel for greater durability and constant efficiency over time.
  • Product pressure roller with hydraulic control, fully adjustable, and various types of rubber rollers for all applications.
  • Fixed (non-removable) hinged guard, damped by means of gas springs in stainless steel.
  • Height-adjustable outfeed conveyor belt.
  • Machine base made entirely in ultra-thick food-grade non-radioactive stainless steel.

GEASSELLI  Skinning NAB520 M-Technical data


Height :1248 mm - 49.13"
Width (NAB520 - NAB720):960 mm / 37.80" - 1160 mm - 45.67"
Depth :2138 mm - 84.17"
Weight (NAB520 - NAB720):460 Kg / 1014 lb - 550 Kg / 1212 lb
Motor power:2.2 Kw
Noise level:78,5 db
Working width :520 mm / 20.47" - 720 mm / 28.35"
Operator control circuit:24 V



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