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GEASSELLI Skinning 去皮去膘设备

Update time:2023-03-30

Brief description:

GEASSELLI Skinning C35-Compact skinning (C35 P) and derinding (C35 M) machine, ideal for small to medium size production facilities.


GEASSELLI  Skinning C35-


  • Compact, easy to move around, ideal for small to medium size production facilities.
  • Sanitary design, no flat surfaces and rounded edges to aid efficient sanitation.
  • High toothroll speed to improve productivity.
  • All major mechanical and electrical components are accessible through three different access

Technical specification sheet

  • Useable skinning width: 350 mm;
  • Dynamic pneumatic toothroll cleaning system designed for maximum cleaning efficiency and minimal air consumption (C35 M);
  • Tempered toothroller to improve durability and to ensure longevity;
  • Non-radioactive stainless steel structure.

Technical data

Height :990 mm - 39.98"
Width (C35P / C35M):570 / 520 mm - 22.60"; / 20.70"
Depth (C35P / C35M):600 / 640 mm - 23.60"; / 25.20"
Weight :93 Kg - 1388 lb
Motor power:0.37 Kw
Noise level:72 / 78.5 db
Working width :350 mm - 13.78";
Operator control circuit:24 V
Air consumption :148 lt/min



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