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Kessler Automatic bone saw 锯骨设备

Update time:2023-07-14

Brief description:

Kessler Automatic bone saw Model: ABG65 Increase production And reduce the intensity of manual labor



Automatic bone saw

Model: ABG65


Features of automatic bone saw:

1. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

 2. It can work for a long time, and the cutting surface is smooth.

3. Waterproof design, quick cleaning.

4. The top gripper adopts a double-layer material clamping design, and the bottom end adopts a fixed pin header, which is helpful for stable material transmission and precise portion cutting.

5. Saw with spring tensioning device, easy to adjust and install.

6. The design of the double-sided driving wheel prevents the saw band from falling off.

7. Good cutting effect, less waste and low cost of use.

8. Wide processing temperature range, minus 4℃ to minus 18℃.

9. The touch screen inte.lligent operation panel is adopted, and the cutting speed can be set by itself.

 10. The thickness adjustment adopts a servo motor to set the thickness with high precision.

11. The machine design complies with CE standards.

12. According to different uses, frozen meat, bone-in meat, fish products are cut according to the set thickness.

13. The function of evenly dividing the ingredients, the tailings are equally divided into each piece, reducing waste.


Automatic bone saw

 Model: ABG65

technical parameters:

Motor power:   3.5KW

Air source:        0.4mpa

Weight:         1020KG


Cutting speed: 34m/s


 Cutting thickness:         0.1-80mm

Height of ingredients:    150mm

 Saw Blade Specification: 3084x16




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