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Kessler Tunnel Heat shrinker

Update time:2020-08-12

Brief description:

Kessler Tunnel Heat shrinker ST120 The tunnel heat shrinker is a fully automatic hot water shrinking device for shrinking bags. It can dock with other packaging and conveying equipment to form a link


Kessler Tunnel Heat shrinker



The tunnel heat shrinker is a fully automatic hot water shrinking device for shrinking bags. It can dock with other packaging and conveying equipment to form a linked automated production line.

ST120 tunnel heat shrinker is simple and durable, and is made of food-grade 304 material. All parts are treated as acid-resistant and anti-corrosive, can work for a long time in the food packaging workshop.

The safety and sanitation of the equipment are fully considered in the design, and it is simple to use, easy to clean and to maintain.


Main features:

 The whole machine does not need special operation workers
 Continuous production, sensor induction control, the device will enter the standby state after the product is interrupted for 1 minute, and the product will start after being transported again, effectively saving energy and reducing consumption
 Electronic temperature controller ensures balanced water temperature, shrinkage and continuous product appearance

 Adopt Opposed spray, one pair of upper and one pair of lower spray, the spray flow is adjustable, the product is heated more balanced.
The equipment adopts double-layer heat insulation protection, the internal and external temperature is isolated, the outer shell has no temperature, and the body will not be burned.

 Hygienic design makes cleaning easy and effective
 Easy maintenance and repair, parts can be removed and replaced
 All food-approved materials are used to achieve sturdy and high quality manufacturing standards
 Vertical water vapor removal pipe makes installation easier
 Jet water flow can be adjusted by valve
 Two heat source versions are available: electric heating and steam heating
 Good thermal insulation, such as 6 curtains installed for heat insulation in hot water injection area
 Small footprint
 Interlocking protective device improves the safety of the equipment, and the equipment will shut down when the door is opened
 A set of safety control system to remind the safe operation status of the machine


technical parameter:
External size 2000*1000*1750mm
Outer diameter of flue 200mm
Noise level 60db
Weight (with water) about 400kg
Weight (with water) about 500kg
Frame material SUS 304 stainless steel



Water supply:

Type     City Water
Interface  DN25
Pressure   2-6 bar
Water tank capacity  120L



power supply:

Voltage  AC380V
Level    3 phase
Frequency   50Hz
Installed power   53KW (electric heating)    4KW (steam heating)
Current        180 amps (electric heating)   7 amps (steam heating)


Steam (only for steam heating version):

Access pipe diameter   DN25
Interface method       DN25 (internal threaded nozzle)
Working pressure       2-4 bar
Steam consumption      70kg/h-120kg/h



Transmission width       520mm
Conveying speed range     8-26m/min (adjustable)
Shrinking temperature      85-95 (depending on product flow, adjustable)
Heating time              about 20 minutes (15-85)
Number of operators        Unmanned operation, only need to be monitored
Noise level                 60dB


The standard configuration:
 The operating position can be switched, the control panel can be rotated and positioned 180°
 Automatic water level control, and equipped with manual control master valve
 Adjustable temperature control, automatic water temperature heating
 SUS304 stainless steel mesh belt conveyor
 Conveying speed can be adjusted
 Import/export are connected by high molecular roller
 Use 6-stage steam curtain
 One section of upper spraying and one section of lower spraying, the spray flow can be adjusted
 Spare parts package and technical manual are included









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