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Conveyor belt vacuum packaging machine

Update time:2020-04-27

Brief description:

KDK1000 automatic conveyor belt vacuum packaging machine is designed for the packaging of cold meat, processed meat, cheese and other large quantities of industrial products


(Kessler)Conveyor belt vacuum packaging machine

  The KDK1000 automatic conveyor belt vacuum packaging machine is designed to package large volume industrial products, such as cold meat, processed meat and cheese. This machine has many new features with a number of new designs and the latest vacuum packaging technology.

  The machine has simple and robust structure, and all key components are well adapted to the humid environment of the food industry. The design meets the requirements of ergonomics, safety and hygiene. The machine is easy to use, to clean and to maintain, and meets safety and hygiene standards.

Key feature

  • Depending on the layout of the production line and the configuration of the equipment, 1 to 2 operators are required. 
  • Packaging cold meat, the machine speeds up to 2-3 cycles per minute (speed varies depending on vacuum system configuration, product status (e.g. temperature, humidity)
  • Advanced vacuum technology ensures the ideal vacuum is achieved quickly, even for a little damp products.
  • Automatically transfer products into the vacuum chamber
  • Pressurized sealing system (super sealing system) greatly improve the sealing effect
  • Convenient and easy to clean
  • Compliance with hygienic design ensure quick and efficient cleaning;
  • Easy to maintain
  • The entire unit is manufactured from robust, food-compliant materials.


technical parameters: 



Sealing line length


Sealing line width

6 mm

Sealing line spacing


Exhaust gas




Net weight


Packing slot size


Standard power supply

380V       50HZ


The standard configuration 

 Pressurized sealing can greatly improve the           sealing effect


  • Double-sided fixed sealing bar height 50 mm
  • Roots pump + vacuum pump (super vacuum control system)
  • Advanced vacuum technology includes the following:
  • Product loading conveyor interface



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