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Henkelman Vacuum packaging machines Diptank

Update time:2020-05-07

Brief description:

Henkelman Vacuum packaging machines Diptank Diptank 60 Use a Diptank 60 in combination with one of our vacuum packaging machines for the best packaging result.


Henkelman Vacuum packaging  machines Diptank 

Diptank 60



Combined with a vacuum packaging machine,

DT60 produces perfect skin packages for an

aesthetic presentation. Shrink technology protects

your product like a second skin.

This machine fully complies with CE standards.


Digital temperature control

Hydraulic movement

Stainless steel housing

Optimal hygiene

Maximal loading capacity: 60 kg

Machine dimensions: 770 x 790x 1320mm

Chamber dimensions: 500 x 600x 220mm

Dipping depth: 220mm

Cycle time: 3-5 seconds

Power: 9,0 kW

Voltage: 400V-3-50Hz

Isolation balls prevent evaporation




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