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Henkelman Vacuum Packaging Machines

Update time:2020-05-04

Brief description:

Henkelman Vacuum Packaging Machines Atmoz 2-90 With 2 seal bars of 880 mmIndustrial double chamber vacuum packaging machine with a distinctive construction of both work plate and lid.


Henkelman Vacuum Packaging Machines   Atmoz 2-90


The robust, stainless steel Atmoz 2-90 vacuum packaging machine has a specific construction of both the lid and the work plate. This results in longer seal bars compared to other series. This double chamber floor model is standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump and complies with CE standards.


Standard with 2 seal bars (front-back):

2 x 880 mm

Standard double seal (two wires). Optional

without extra costs: Cut-off or

Wide seal (10 mm)

Silicone holders easily removable for cleaning

and maintenance purposes

Pump capacity: 300 m3/h Busch vacuum


Pump maintenance and cleaning program

Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

Standard Digital control with 10 program

memory and Time control

Flat work plate

Comes with 1 layer of insert plates for a

faster cycle and product adjustment

Stainless steel exterior


160 m3/h Busch vacuum pump

1-2 Cut-off seal

Sensor control

Liquid control


Gas flush (incl. pressed air connection)

Soft Air to protect the product and vacuum



Inclined insert plate

2nd layer of insert plates

Service kit for standard maintenance




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