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REEPACK Tray Sealer Machines

Update time:2020-04-30

Brief description:

reepack Tray Sealer Machines REEECO The highest level of flexibility with hygienic design


REEPACK Tray Sealer Machines​REEECO  

ReeEco is the smartest way to bring your mid-size tray lid production to the automated packaging world!
Discover the best combination between compact design, low cost of ownership, and flexibility.

The NEW ReeEco is suitable for most of pre-formed tray applications including SKIN and MAP.



- Replacement of all screws with washer with hexagonal head flanged screws.
- Film dancer arm made of bent sheet metal in one piece (NOT welded).
- Tray support panels on infeed locked in position without screws.
- Redesigned film rewinding group.
- New, simplified operator panel support and case with new hygienic buttons.
- External motors and gearboxes; fully washable. Grade IP69K.
- Hygienic closures for electrical cabinet.
- New support feet to give greater stability, plus possibility of mounting wheels.

Possibility of installing 40 and 60 m3/h pumps with the same housing. Possibility of installing a 100 m3/h pump with a dedicated housing.

Technical  Data

Machine height: 1750 mm
Machine length: 3050 mm
Length free loading area: 1105 mm
Height free loading area: 900 - 920 mm
Diameter of web roll mandrel: 76 mm(3'')
Microprocessor Control: PLC-Reepack
Vacuum pump: 60 m3/ h
Electrical power: 6.5 Kw / 14.5 A
Machine width: 945 mm
Infeed conveyor length: 1850 mm
No. of trays to load: 3
Max diameter web roll: 250 mm
Machine main movements: Electromecal
Control panel: Touch Screen
Electrical supply: 3/N/PE 400V AC 50 Hz
Overall Construction: Stainless-Steel







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