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Update time:2020-05-22

Brief description:

GRASSELLI SLICING NSA Vertical meat slicer, designed and built for cutting fresh and cooked boneless meats with a high cutting yield, even with hot products.






    Vertical meat slicer, designed and built for cutting fresh and cooked boneless meats with a high cutting yield, even with hot products.

    Fully automatic product infeed and outfeed: an ideal in-line solution for obtaining perfectly even slices also with thinner settings.


  • Adjustable cutting speed and pressure.
  • Cutting-edge design with continuous welding and rounded edges to ensure greater hygiene.
  • No tools needed to prepare for the cleaning process, sanitisation and blades and conveyor belts replacement.
  • Optional rapid blade changing system for replacing the entire set of blades in just a few minutes.
  • Easily accessible motor, control panel and mechanical parts.
  • A separator of the cut product also available for improved and quicker freezing of the final product (optional).
  • Also available in version “B”, easily and complete-ly sanitized on both the outside and inside.
  • Recommended for ready-to-eat (RTE) processing environments.

Technical specification sheet

  • Cutting of perfectly even slices with the Grasselli multi-blade cutting system (minimum slicing thickness 3mm).
  • Automated blade tension adjustment system.
  • Built-in automatic lubrication systems.
  • Surfaces of the conveyor belts with differentiated grip.
  • Frame made complet-ely in food-grade non-radioactive Stainless steel.
  • Automated product infeed and outfeed for a fully in-line solution.
  • Useable cutting width of 600 mm or 1,000 mm (for minimum cutting thickness, see technical data) for fresh or cooked meats (hot, at a maximum temperature of 80°C, or cooled, at a minimum temperature of 0°C) and boneless products.

Technical data


Height NSA600 - NSA1000:1422 / 1415 mm - 55.98" / 55.71"
Width NSA600 - NSA1000:1200 / 1600 mm - 47.24" / 62.99"
Depth NSA600 - NSA1000:2173 / 2178 mm - 85.55" / 85.75"
Weight NSA600 - NSA1000:880 / 1190 Kg - 1940 / 2623 lb
Motor power:4.6 - 6.5 Kw
Noise level:71 db
Working width :600 / 1000 mm - 24.02" - 39.37"
Maximum product height:120 mm - 4.72"
Minimum slicing pitch boneless meat:3 mm / 5 mm - 0.12" / 0.2"
Operator control circuit:24 V
Air consumption :20 lt/min



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