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Update time:2020-04-29

Brief description:

GRASSELLI SLICING NSA XC B Vertical Meat Cutter, designed and manufactured for two-dimensional cutting of fresh and cooked boneless meat.




Vertical meat slicer, designed and built for the two-dimensional cutting of fresh and cooked boneless meats with a high productivity and flawless cut quality, even in-line.


Ideal for two-dimensional cutting, to obtain evenly cut or “hand-cut” effect strips or cubes and for the continuous production of large quantities of meat. Can be complete-ly sanitised also on the inside.


  • Can be perfectly sanitised on the inside.
  • In combination with the KSL horizontal slicer, the line allows the fully controlled 3D meat cutting, and can also be positioned directly after the oven and before the freezer.
  • A touch screen assembled on a rotating arm makes it possible for the machine to be controlled from both sides.
  • New and more intuitive interface.
  • Possibility of remote connection for remote assistance.

Technical specification sheet

  • Brushless motors.
  • Conveyor belts can be automatically turned over for cleaning.
  • Electronically controlled pressure and cutting speed.
  • Fitted with casters and feet for easy transportation if the machine has to be moved for in-line cleaning.
  • Electric and electronic components in an external box in stainless steel.
  • Internal components with a IP69K protection level, washable with water at a pressure of 6 bar.
  • Adjustable working speed from 50 mm/s to 500 mm/s.

Technical data

Height (NSA600XCB-/NSA1000XCB):1715 / 1697 mm - 67.52" / 66.81"
Width (NSA600XCB-/NSA1000XCB):2019 / 2419 mm - 79.49" / 95.24"
Depth (NSA600XCB-/NSA1000XCB):2181 mm - 85.87"
Weight (NSA600XCB-/NSA1000XCB):1900 / 2300 Kg - 4188 / 5070 lb
Motor power:15.5 Kw
Noise level:71 dB
Operator control circuit:24 V
Maximum working width:610 - 1000 mm / 24.02" - 39.37"
Minimum slicing pitch:3 / 5 mm - 0.12" / 0.2"
Air consumption :800 l/min



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